Arattarnagetram Fifth Episode – Part III

Dr. Rathna Kumar
Dr. Rathna Kumar

Welcome to the fifth episode of Arattarangetram. From this episode, we will split each episode as three parts and post it one every week from today, so that viewers have ease of viewing. Links to Part I and Part II. And from this episode we have a quiz/question for the viewers. Watch out at the end of the video for details!!!

Special Guest: Dr. Rathna Kumar, Anjali Center for Performing Arts, from Houston, Texas.

0:00 – Raj’s question to Rathna Kumar “How she started Anjali center for performing arts in 1975 and the dance scene in texas: then and now

07:29 – Dancing to recorded music

08:51 – Name of the school as “Anjali”

10:40 – Major changes in dance from 1975 and now in USA, and in general

Subha and Raj’s segment

18:10 – Devil’s advocate topic “Organizing arts is not taken seriously in India, unlike in USA where it is more streamlined

Topics covered:

  • Established and upcoming sabhas/organizations
  • Applying to dance festivals and events
  • Accountability of money
  • NRI dancers and “Green Dollars”
  • A standard for measuring dancers – lack of it
  • Applying for grants for inviting artists to perform in USA
  • Network of dance organizations in US vs India
  • Agents/Impresarios in classical dance – A good career choice?
  • Rasika base in chennai vs other places

33:42 – Rapid fire round to Rathna Kumar by Subha

43:53 – Advice to young dancers

45:27 – Quiz question to viewers “What is the crown of Nataraja made of?“. Send us your answers by commenting in this blog/video or in our facebook page (

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