Arattarangetram Eighth Episode – Part I

Smt. Jayakamala Pandian

Hi Friends,

Enjoy the eighth episode of Arattarangetram here.

Special Guest: Smt. Jayakamala Pandian, Artistic Director of Rajarathnalaya Arts Foundation, Bengaluru

0:00 – Subha introducing the special guest Smt. Jayakamala Pandian

2:55 – Madhana’s question – “How is the dance scene in Bengaluru? How different  is it from Chennai?”

10:22 – Her favorite bangalore dancers

10:50 – Does Bengaluru has as sabha culture like Chennai?

11:52  – How do Bengaluru audiences perceive classical dance?

Madhana’s Segment

14:42 – Video of  “SKR 80 function held in Chennai, 2012” Link to video:

Jayakamala Pandian recounting the experiences of organizing the event in honour of her father, Swamimalai K. Rajarathnam Pillai’s 80th birthday celebrations.

22:23 – Unique teaching method of Bharatanatyam by SKR to his students

25:30 – Vazhuvoor nritta and its uniqueness: How is grace incoporated in the style? Explaining Ramiah Pillai’s and SKR’s teaching vazhuvoor bani.

38:00 – Collaboration between Bharatanatyam artists – an established norm.

Watch out for Part II and Part III of the seventh episode with Smt. Jayakamala Pandian in the next post.

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