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Arattarangetram is a video blog that discusses Bharatanatyam and allied art forms by young and happening people 😀 This is started by three dance enthusiasts, Madhana, Raghu and Subha.

The discussions will highlight current topics in classical dance forms of India focusing on, but not limited to, Bharatanatyam. The attempt is to encourage youngsters to turn towards art as well as to analyze it with a critical eye. And most of all, just make discussion forums fun, easier to watch and technology friendly.

Hangout with us in google hangout and join our discussions. All discussions will be recorded/streamed live on youtube and available later for comments and more discussions.

Click the link to read a review of Arattarangetram by Sangeetha (blogger at Bharatanatyam and the World Wide Web) http://sangeethas.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/dance-talk-arattarangetram/

Here is the link to the facebook page:


Here is the link to the youtube channel:


Please subscribe to the FB page, youtube channel. Please watch the videos and send us your comments!!!

Everyone is welcome to join the google hangout.


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  1. Loved Jaykamala Akka’s conversation! Thanks, you three, for taking the initiative to do this. I don’t “hangout” on the web much, just was lucky to chance upon it! Kulukku-Milukku-Kanakku explanation was the best. Twenty years ago in Chennai, I used to attend Veena Bharathan’s recitals, which were conducted by SK Rajaratnam Pillai Sir. I am so happy I had a glimpse of such a legendary Nattuvanar, Now, after watching this video blog, I want to meet Jayakamala Akka.

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