Arattarangetram Pilot Episode

Since this was the pilot episode, we did not invite anyone. However, in the future episodes you can join the discussions too…

04:40 – Madhana’s segment, discussing Sudharani Raghupathy’s youtube video. Kshetrayya padam “Evvade” in Shankarabharanam, Mishra Chapu

18:45 – Raghu’s segment, discussing “Ten things about Bharatasenapatiyam”

Tamizhar Nadana Varalaaru (Tamizh) and History of Tamizh’s Dance (English) by Prof. Raghuraman, Nandini Pathipagam, 2007
Bharatasenapatiyam by R.S. Jayalakshmi at Music Research website

37:04 – Subha’s segment, discussing “Current generation of dancers vs. older dancers”

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5 thoughts on “Arattarangetram Pilot Episode

  1. Comment by Sweta Ravishankar in FB page:
    Hey ppl…Abt Subhalakshmi Kumar’s topic…

    I guess in every generation there has been an evolution- in terms of the way we dance, in term of the audiences, in terms of the aaharya, in terms of financial needs so on and so forth with the never ending list. Now one things that is very imp. here is the perspective. Every dancer wanted to and still wants to deliver something out of his/her creative mind for the audience to maintain the tradition as well as to give some innovation. This is because of the dancer’s desire carry on the tradition + the audience’s demand for something new.

    We always look up-to our elder gen of dancers and so did our older generation of dancers. It is a tradition which has to pass form one to the next gen. Everyone of us who has taken up dance / music or any art seriously has some or the other inspiration and some even have many inspirational artistes from whom they learn the particular nuances or details.

    A dancer I feel is also a reflection of ones own personality. In my opinion even in the olden days there was one out of 100 dancers who would pursue their passion for art and the ratio remains the same even now…

    In my opinion even in this generation there are dancers who do justice to the art form… It will definitely come with years of experience…

    When the older generation says that this generation is no good… I feel it is also because of the changes in lifestyle and the general situations other than those in dance… Why I am saying this is because, while we have some good dancers, at the same time we have dancers who dance what they have learnt 100, actually even 200%… But if you ask them about it, they won’t know details of it… I feel it is very important to know the basic details about anything that you’re performing… and also if you know the basic details, as the time passes and you dance it more and more you will want to know the detialed description. That’s why every production improves with the number of times it is being performed…

    Another aspect is SADHANA… the hours of pratice that we put into it.. not only physical pratice but how deep are we into it mentally… how well we und the theme , the situation, the mood… how well we are into it… and most important how well we are able to present it and communicate wiht the audience… When a dancer gives out an expression to ask ” DO YOU THINK THIS IS RIGHT” .. the audience should actually feel that it is aquestion put forth in front of them… Again all this comes only with practice and internalization…

    1. Subha: So u are saying….what are u saying? 🙂
      The question is, ” Is the argument of older generation of dancers about the younger generation being sub-par true?” Yes or no? 🙂

      Sweta Ravisankar: yes and no… I’ve given reasons for both
      not true is much stronger though… but idhulayae oorinaa kandipaa not true will be the only answer…

      Subha: evlo neram oorine? 😀

      all i understood from your answer is
      true because
      1. we dont practice as much
      2. we have lived a shorter life so we havent practiced/internalised dance as much as them
      3. we dont know what we are dancing about and they do

      not true because
      1. …


      Sweta Ravisankar: not true because… all the points in true aye not true for everyone… can’t generalize… but generalization happens…

      ok aa?

      Subha: super ok 🙂

      1. Snigdha Venkataramani 11:52am Jul 18
        Wonderful initiative! I totally agree with Madhana Raghavan Nitiyananda Rahavan on the element of sameness that comes in the nritta aspect of many dancers today. I must add though, that this sameness is also seen to an extent in abhinaya.

  2. Madhana: Agreed. That, i think, is mostly because a lot of them train with Kalanidhi mami or her disciples..

    Raghu: remember this article? “stylistic school represented by Kalanidhi Narayanan (also in Chennai) started influencing Bharatanatyam dancers in the 1980s and has been gaining ground ever since. Narayanan and her disciples are undeniably the most visible face of Bharatanatyam expression today. And, paradoxically enough, this style, very emphatically emphasizing the titillating aspect of sensual love, is now being taught in Kalakshetra.”

    Subha: Its okay to be trained by one person. Its not okay to stop thinking on your own. the sameness in abhinaya has nothing to do with Kalanidhi mami. Students of leading gurus all do the same thing ahbinayaor nrtta. Porbably because they are spoon fed how to do rather than what to do.

    Raghu: Spoke like a guru…

    Subha: 😀

    Snigdha Venkataramani: Well said Subhalakshmi Kumar!!

    Joyce Paul Poursabahian: As a student I need to take the grammar and technique of the art form and create an essence of my own. My 13 year old has imbibed a lot of my dancing and teaching style not because I expect or tell her to copy me – it just happens by osmosis 🙂 However she needs to work within a frame of reference that tells the art form apart and mesh it with her own thinking, curiosity, creativity and vigour.

    Subha: I dont know if osmosis can result in 20 of your students dancing like each other (hypothetically). The process of imbibing depends on the receiver as well. Do all your students dance like each other? or all dance like you but their perception of you is different for each.

    Madhana: Subha, I was hoping you would quote this article.. but you didnt. so I am.. . The writer addresses the question as to “Why has the individuality of the past given way to the sameness of today?”

    Subha: Yeah…since i met Gowri Ramnarayanan, i have stopped quoting the article. I am sure there is no correlation. 🙂

    Raghu: ????

    Jothi Raghavan: Good article by Gowri. I am sharing. Thanks.

    Joyce Paul Poursabahian: Subha – thank God, they are all vastly different ;-0

  3. Lavanya Rajagopalan: Just found time to see this pilot episode. Awesome venture! Keep it coming. Very educational and thought provoking. In response to Raghu’s question on Mugdha nayika padams, I don’t know of any other Kshetrayya padams, but there is a Venkataramayya padam (you may already know) – Samayam idhu allavo – It’s also on the same Legends DVD by Sudha aunty.

    Madhana: Thanks Lavanya akka! Glad you liked it

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